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FAQ – Full House Remodeling

What kind of services does the company provide?

At Full House Remodeling, we provide a wide range of services for general remodeling, bathroom and kitchen installation or repair, painting, patio, landscaping and flooring.

Are there any hidden fees for your services?
We guarantee all our customers that no hidden charges are added to their final bill. Most of the time, the price that has been quoted to them is the price that they will pay, unless they omit or add some services that are not included in the given quotation. Full House Remodeling does not hide anything from you. We make sure that you pay the right price for the kind of services you avail.

However, you have to remember, that when we found out some damages during inspection which are not your main concern, we will inform it to you right away. We will give you an opportunity to personally inspect the areas where repair is needed and provide a different quotation for the work in case you want to have it changed.

How do your services work?
When you are planning a remodeling service, you can contact us by phone or through email, and we will attend to your query shortly. Our customer service representative will give you feedback, and book you an appointment with one of our project managers. The personal appointment is very important for us because we can discuss the work that you want us to do, the possible costs of materials and services, as well as the people who will be working for your property.  We will also conduct a site inspection to know the area and check the structures that require remodeling.

Once everything is set, our team will arrive at your location and perform the services you avail. Our project manager will also guide you all throughout and will ensure that you know all the things that are worked on by our contractors.