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thumb_01_60_60Bob A

“My entire experience with Full House Remodeling exceeded my expectations. The frequent communication and attention to detail amaze me so much that I want to avail the company’s services again for any home renovation plans in the future. Full House Remodeling has a systemized approach from the beginning of the renovation project until its completion. Their office staff and technicians work together to provide an outstanding result, and they make sure that the things I want for my home are met. I would definitely recommend this company for any home renovation services. They are truly one of a kind.”
thumb_02_60_60 Olivia C

“I loved how Full House Remodeling created a beautiful kitchen for my home. Everything I conceptualize turned into a reality. The company’s crew are very helpful and friendly. They make me comfortable all throughout the process, and they make sure that I know what they will do to my kitchen from the start of the renovation until completion. There was never a day that I missed their call, and I am very much satisfied by how Full House Remodeling delivered their services. I hope that they will continue to provide quality renovation services at a reasonable price.”
thumb_03_60_60Clark S

“I would like to personally say THANK YOU to the staff and technicians of Full House Remodeling in Houston, TX. My experience with them was superb. They renovated my kitchen, flooring and patio. It was a lot of work, but they manage to provide top-notch remodeling services. From the type of materials to use, to the design and actual execution, Full House Remodeling never failed to communicate and provide a detailed information on the work that they will do. They always seek my approval, especially when it comes to costs and service charges, and their expertise really shows in the workmanship. I am happy that I called Full House Remodeling. They are the best home renovation specialists.